about the blogger


name: shelby
birthday: jul 23
zodiac: cancer-leo cusp 
single or taken: single
height: 5’3”
eye color: brown
middle name: lynn
favorite color: red
lucky number: 47


hogwarts house: ravenclaw… probably i don’t know anything about harry potter.
favorite fictional character:  Jess Day from New Girl
favorite television show: The Office
favorite season: ugh.
describe yourself in a few words:  quirky, annoying, clumsy.
future children’s names: i’ve actually haven’t thought about this.  
meaning of your name: sheltered… lol

ultimate otp: kristanna-frozen jim/pam-the office <3
what do you plan to/do for a living:  illustrator 
starbucks order: summer- mocha cookie crumble winter- gingerbread latte fall/spring- mocha frappe

introvert or extrovert
dawn or dusk
righty or lefty
coffee or tea
rain or shine (rainbows)
reading or writing

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Anonymous said: how the heck did you get so many followers?


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"I’m dating everyone I go to lunch with, and I fall in love with everybody I date."

-Taylor on the world’s biggest misconception of her (x)

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All I know is I was enchanted to meet you.

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